EZ-Wood Sealer

Clear Sealer For All Woods

• Seals open wood grain providing a more uniform finish

• For all woods including teak, mahogany, oak, ash, fir, and plywood

• Prevents excessive vehicle absorption from primers, paints, or varnishes

• Excellent penetration into raw wood for improved stability and moisture resistance

EZ Wood Sealer 2018 is used to seal all types of raw wood prior to painting and varnishing. The sealer acts as a moisture barrier layer to prevent peeling and excessive absorption of vehicle from topside primers, paints, or varnishes. It uniformly seals and satisfies the absorbency of all woods including teak and mahogany. After applying EZ Wood Sealer, lightly sand to a smooth surface before topside priming, varnishing, or painting. EZ Wood Sealer can be used under all Pettit, Z*Spar, and Shipendec topside primers, varnishes and paint finishes. 


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