Dolfinite Bedding Compound

• Creates Waterproof Seal

• Easily Painted

• Use on Canvas, Wood, Fiberglass, and Metal Surfaces 

2005 Series Bedding Compounds are flexible, semi-paste type, slow oxidizing waterproof compounds for bedding in joints in keel, keelson, stem, sternpost, transom, battens and other hull members. Also for bedding in deck fittings, mouldings and trim around deck houses. May be used on wood, fiberglass, and metal or wherever a waterproof seal is required. Apply by hand, pressure gun, or putty knife. Thinning is not normally required. May be painted over after the compound has firmly skinned over. 

These bedding compounds are also recommended for use as a double planking compound in the construction of double planked hulls where canvas is not used. Apply a liberal coat with a serrated trowel on the inner layer before laying up the outer planking. 

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