Thinner - 120 VOC Free

VOC-Free General Purpose Thinner

• Contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

• Excellent general purpose thinner

• Clean blend leaves no residue

• Evaporates at a moderate rate

• Excellent for cleaning tools and equipment

• Helps to retain a “wet edge” when painting 


120VOC Thinner is a VOC-Free general purpose thinner that can be used in place of Pettit’s standard 120 Brushing Thinner in Pettit antifouling paints, varnishes, and topside paints. 120VOC Thinner offers stronger solvent properties and a slower evaporation rate than most thinners on the market. Adding 120VOC Thinner to most Pettit solvent-based bottom paints can provide a smoother and easier application. Use only with adequate ventilation 



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