Heavy Duty Fiberglass Surface Prep 

• De-waxes, etches, cleans, de-greases and prepares bare fiberglass for painting

• Easy to use formula

• Works on all fiberglass surfaces

• Biodegradable with no VOC content

• Part of an easy 1-2-3 system of bottom painting 

Bio-Blue Hull Surface Prep 92 is a powerful blend of cleaning agents and silica grit that de-waxes, etches, cleans, and prepares bare fiberglass for painting. Regardless of the boats age, the initial surface preparation is imperative. Residual parting agents utilized by the boat manufacturer to pop the boat from the mold may still be present, although not visibly apparent. This solvent-free product is designed to provide an easy and trouble-free method of removing unwanted contaminants, grease, wax, dirt, and mold release agents from fiberglass surfaces prior to painting. 

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