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Splash Zone

Multi-Purpose Two Part Epoxy Repair Compound 

• So versatile, it has been called “The duct tape of the marine world”

• Use above or below waterline

• Excellent for underwater repairs

• Produces a rock-hard protective surface

• Two-part multi-purpose epoxy patching and repair compound

• Provides excellent protection against corrosion of metals

• Stops erosion and deterioration of concrete or wood

A-788 Splash Zone is an extremely hard, abrasion and impact resistant, two-part epoxy patching compound. It applies like putty to seal, fill, patch, or re-build aluminum, wood, concrete, fiberglass, and steel. It can be applied in or out of water to repair boat hulls, buoys, seawalls, docks, bridge abutments, and more. Splash Zone provides excellent protection against corrosion of metals and erosion and deterioration of concrete or wood. Splash Zone’s rock-hard surface can be drilled, tapped, or machined. Recommended for patching and repairing damaged underwater surfaces. Not for use in potable water. 


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