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Lightweight Two-Part Epoxy Fairing Compound

 For fairing, filling, and patching

• Fast-cure formula allows for quick recoats

• Can be easily painted

• Waterproof when cured

• Use above or below the waterline

• Excellent chemical resistance 

EZ-Fair Epoxy Fairing Compound 7050 is a lightweight, two-part epoxy putty designed for filling and smoothing surface imperfections above and below the waterline. The special resins used in EZ-Fair impart a high degree of water and chemical resistance to the product, making it an integral part of the Pettit Gelcoat Blister Repair System. In addition, EZ-Fair is the product of choice for fairing metal keels or any underwater surface. Use it for leveling uneven surfaces, filling gouges, scratches, or other damage on fiberglass, wood or metal surfaces. It’s excellent chemical and water resistance make it the ideal choice for repairing blistered gelcoat in an osmotic blister repair system. EZ-Fair is non-sagging and non-shrinking and sands to a smooth finish. The quick-cure formula allows for multiple coats to be applied and sanded in a single day. 



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