Tie Coat Primer

Chlorinated Rubber Primer

• Can be used as a metal primer or as a tie coat.

• Compatible with all Pettit antifouling bottom paints as well as all Pettit topside paints.

• Smooth finish provides an excellent bonding surface for topcoats.

• Recommended above and below the waterline


6627 Tie Coat Primer is a general-purpose chlorinated rubber type product used as a primer on metal surfaces and as a tie coat between different types of coatings. This versatile product can be used successfully above and below the waterline as a primer and over a variety of coatings as a tie coat. It is compatible with all Pettit antifouling bottom paints and topside finishes. 6627 Tie Coat Primer can also be used on new and bare wood on boat bottoms to seal the wood before applying an antifouling paint.

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