EZ-Poxy Performance Enhancer

Topside Finish Performance Enhancing Additive - 3021

• Increases gloss, hardness and longevity of Pettit solvent based topside finishes

• Provides the durability and gloss of linear polyurethanes with the ease of use of enamels and one-part polyurethanes.

• Increases flow out of brush strokes and roller stipple, providing a mirror-like high gloss finish. 

EZ-Poxy Performance Enhancer is an additive that can be used in all Pettit high gloss solvent based topside paints: EZ-Poxy, EZ-Decks, EZ- Bilge and Varnishes. Its advanced formulation polymers within the paint film, providing exceptional durability, gloss-retention, scratch resistance and longevity. Unlike other two-part urethane, paints catalyzed with this hardener can be applied over well adhered one-part finishes. EZ-Poxy PE truly makes achieving a high quality, long lasting yacht finish easy. Product #3021 - Half Pint (8 Oz. Can) per for one gallon of paint.

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