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EZ Bilge

Performance Bilge Paint

• High-performance coating specially designed for boat bilges

• Super tough finish is fuel, oil, and abrasion resistant

• High covering formula is easy to apply

• Superior protection that withstands tough bilge conditions 

Pettit’s EZ Bilge is a durable high-performance alkyd finish specially formulated to withstand the abuses associated with boat bilges. The hardwearing finish is resistant to antifreeze, grease, gasoline, diesel fuel, and engine oil. Its tough resilient surface will stand up to years of abrasion and wear. EZ-Bilge utilizes a high-solids formula that is easy to apply by brush, roller or spray and provides excellent coverage. Like other Pettit “EZ” products, EZ-Bilge provides the simplest way to achieve optimum results with minimum effort. Available in white and gray finishes. 




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