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Pettit Protect

Heavy Duty Two Component Epoxy Primer 

• High Build Epoxy Primer

• Much Easier Application Due to Less Coats, 2 Coats Instead Of 6

• Preferred Choice By Professionals for Osmotic Blister Prevention

• Excellent Protection for Fiberglass, Steel, Aluminum, and other Metals

Pettit Protect High Build Epoxy Primer (Gray 4700/4701) (White 4100/4101) is a heavy duty, two component, epoxy coating for use where maximum resistance to fresh or salt water is required. It reduces water absorption making it an excellent choice for osmotic blister prevention and repair. Its high-solids formula allows for quicker and easier application with fewer coats necessary for effective protection. Higher-solids equals 2 coat application instead of 6 needed by competitive products. It also offers dependable corrosion protection on all underwater metals. 


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