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Trinidad Pro

Extremely Effective Hard Antifouling Paint With Slime Resistance For Professional Applicators

• Trinidad Pro is certified by Lloyds Register

• Trinidad SR formula in our Pro Coatings line available to professional applicators

• Dual biocides with high copper load offers unprecedented protection

• Hard durable finish for long lasting performance

The unparalleled performance of Trinidad SR packaged exclusively for professional applicators through our Pro Coatings line. Trinidad Pro is simply the longest lasting, strongest antifouling paint available. Its hard protective coating has excellent adhesion and produces a durable finish that withstands even the toughest fouling conditions. Trinidad Pro’s high copper load is paired with a specially formulated algaecide to create an antifoulant with unprecedented resistance to barnacles, algae, slime, and other marine and fresh-water fouling organisms. Left in the water, it will provide years of dependable service. Trinidad Pro is the only hard paint with the power of dual biocides available for the professional applicator.


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