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Ultima SR-40

Multi-Season Ablative Antifouling Paint

• Dual biocides with 40% copper for outstanding fouling control

• Unique controlled wear rate minimizes build up and keeps surfaces smooth

• Multi-season ablative technology provides a continuous supply of fresh biocides

• Slime Release technology combines high biocide load with PTFE for better performance


Ultima® SR-40 utilizes a high cuprous oxide load (40%) combined with the power of Irgarol to offer outstanding dual biocide, multi-season control in all types of fouling. It employs a unique controlled erosion technology to minimize coating build-up and keep underwater surfaces smooth. Its ablative surface wears away with use providing a continuous supply of fresh biocides while eliminating the need for sanding. Ultima® SR-40 employs a Slime Release technology combining super-slick PTFE with a higher copper load for added performance and reduced friction. It can be hauled and re- launched without repainting. Ultima SR-40 is an excellent choice for power or sailboats with fiberglass, wood or steel hulls.

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