Thinner - 140 Water-Based

Spray and Brushing Thinner for Water-Based Products



  • Excellent general purpose thinner for waterbased paints
  • Helps to retain a “wet edge” when painting
  • Enhances performance in both hot and cold weather
  • Excellent for cleaning tools and equipment


Pettit’s 140 Water-Based Brushing Liquid is specially formulated to work with all Pettit Water-based coatings including water-based antifouling paints, water-based topside paints, water-based epoxy primer, and water-based wood coatings. Adding this product will improve flow, leveling, and drying characteristics. 140 Water-Based Brushing Liquid extends an applicator’s ability to keep a “wet-edge” helping to reduce brush-drag and lap marks.

140 Water-Based Brushing Liquid is recommended for use during both hot and dry or cool and damp conditions. Adding 140 Water-Based Brushing Liquid to Pettit’s water-based antifouling paints, on warm and dry days will extend the cure time allowing for a smoother and easier application. When applying Water-Based antifouling paints during cold and/or damp conditions, the 140 Water-Based Brushing Liquid will help the paint cure properly by allowing the extra time necessary for the fast solvent (water) to escape from the paint film.

Pettit’s 140 Water-Based Brushing Liquid also enhances spray applications allowing for a smoother finish and is an excellent choice for cleaning water-based paint from paint from rollers and brushes as well as other application 

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