Tie Coat Primer

Chlorinated Rubber Primer


  • Can be used as a metal primer or as a tie coat.
  • Compatible with all Pettit antifouling bottom paints as well as all Pettit topside paints.
  • Smooth finish provides an excellent bonding surface for topcoats.
  • Recommended above and below the waterline

Tie Coat Primer 6627 is a general purpose, chlorinated rubber primer for use on metal surfaces and as a tie coat between different types of coatings. This versatile product can be used successfully above and below the waterline. When used over Pettit 6455/044 Metal Primer, it forms an excellent, easy to use system for use on all underwater running gear. It is compatible with all Pettit antifouling bottom paints and Pettit, Z*Spar, and Shipendec topside paints. 

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