Pettit Paint

Ultima SR-60

Extremely Effective Dual Biocide Ablative Antifouling Paint

  • Highest copper load available in ablative bottom paints (60%)
  • Dual biocides provide unmatched multi-season performance
  • Contains 54% more copper than Micron Extra at a lower cost
  • Controlled polishing smooths surface with use

  • Delivers exceptional, multi-season, dual-biocide performance by combining the highest ablative copper load (60%) with slime resistant Irgarol. Its ablative surface wears away over time, reducing build up. Utilizes the same proven formula as Ultima Pro from our Pro Coatings line. Note: Due to extremely high copper load, some variations in color and finish may occur.

    Use 185 for brushing, rolling, clean-up and spraying.

    Product Information

    Ultima SR-60 Product Data Sheet


    Ultima SR-60 Black MSDS

    Ultima SR-60 Blue MSDS

    Ultima SR-60 Green MSDS

    Ultima SR-60 Red MSDS

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